5 Hacks To Improve Conversion Of Your PPC Campaign

5 Hacks To Improve Conversion Of Your PPC Campaign

June 28, 2018 Off By Admin

Investing in search engine marketing and PPC is a great way to boost your sales performance or reach a specific goal for your campaign. However, simply running an ad campaign is not enough. In fact, you need to put on a massive effort and strategy to ensure that your PPC campaign is yielding results.

Digital marketing companies in UAE compiled a list of strategies and hacks to guarantee high conversion results that can help increase your chances of closing a deal through a PPC campaign:

  1. Improve your CTR


CTR or click-through-rate is one of the determining factors for high quality score and ad rank. This refers to the percentage of people clicking a hyperlink or hypertext and gets redirected to your landing page. To improve your CTR, you need to check the relevancy of your keywords and see whether your ad group is aligned with your target audience’s search intent. But aside from keyword relevancy, you should make sure that your copy is interesting enough for the audience to click.


  1. Counter bounce rates


Bounce rate is part of the territory when you are running a PPC campaign. But experts in PPC in Dubai said that you can still take full advantage of this disadvantage – by including remarketing on your PPC strategy. Remarketing can help turn cold leads to warm prospects. Remarketing can recapture missed opportunities and turn them into potential sales. This is one great way to counter bounce rates.


  1. Experiment with ad extensions


Creative copies can capture the attention, but the space that your ad will take can also affect your audience’s perception of your ad. Ad extensions are probably one of the most ignored function of Adwords. A lot of PPC specialists are focused on creating the perfect copy with a limited space and characters. But ad extensions can help you expand the room your ad will take up in the ad space, makes it more compelling to click.


  1. Be on point with your targeting


Sometimes, all you need to improve your conversion is to be on point with your targeting. Apart from focusing on the demographics, you should also consider your consumer’s behavior so you can select the best sites to place your display ads.

  1. Tap the power of AI


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are slowly gaining ground in PPC. With these features, marketers can get data in real time, making their PPC campaigns scalable, fast, and efficient.