Types of hair styles for kids

February 2, 2020 Off By Admin

Your kids’ hair is very beautiful thing especially for girls. Daughters are very important part of your life particularly for fathers. Daughters are naturally attached to their fathers. And as a father you have to do best take care of your baby girl.  You always a super dad or super mom in morning when you have to make get ready to your daughter before school bus arrives. And we know that it is very hard to do so much hair in very little time. And one of the biggest challenges for you is hair cut of your kids. Boys’ hair cut don’t take time but for girls it is very hard to choose the good hairstyle for her. It is also little expensive for kids haircut in Abu Dhabi. It is difficult to find the best kids’ salon near me but with some references or visiting some hair salons you can get best hair salon ultimately.

In this article we are going to let you know about some beautiful girls’ hair style which you can choose best one for your daughter.

Twisted & Wrapped Ponytail

One of the common hair styles in girls is twist wrap ponytail. In this hair style girls look very pretty and cute. This particular hairstyle for girls has the potential to work for a range of occasions and it just takes only 5 minutes.

Tightly tied braids

This hairstyle is beautiful and beyond your skills level, but it is basically focused on taking two braided pigtails, both of which are secured using colorful clips. The hairstyle is truly very easy.

Pigtail Braids

This hairstyle is also common in girls. The best part about it is that it is very easy to create and is not going to take up a lot of your time.

Dutch Braid Pigtail

You just need to add a little texturing spray over your daughter’s damp hair before anything else. However, this hairstyle can only be created if your daughter is patient enough to remain seated for a while. 

Pigtail Buns

This particular hairstyle is very famous amongst young girls these days. Make sure that you master this one as it is simple and quick to make.

Half Bun

For young ages girls with longer hair, this hairstyle is easy and can help keep hair off your princess’ face. Most importantly, it doesn’t take any time at all to assemble and is sure to make your daughter look amazing. 

Side Braided Ponytail

This is the perfect style for those warm and sweaty summer days. All you have to do is just create a side braid and add in a few colorful hair ties to complete the look.